We are a worldwide network of Shitoryu practitioners.   Our association is run exclusively for the benefit of its members – and so we believe in creating opportunities for instructors, not restrictions: opportunities to learn, develop and build relationships that will enhance our practice.

We welcome like-minded practitioners to join us.

Interested but have questions …..?

If you are interested in finding out more and have questions, in the first instance please email our General Secretary with any queries you have.

Mail address:

Interested in joining …..?

If you would like to apply to join the SSWU, please email our General Secretary, briefly introducing yourself and your club/association and setting out your training history and grading history (i.e. dates and instructor/grading officer or association).   Your application will be considered promptly by the Directory Committee.


  • We welcome groups of all sizes from all countries.
  • There may be more than one group from any particular country.
  • Where there is more than one group from a particular country, those groups may remain independent but a National Coordinator will be appointed to provide support and effective communication between all groups in that country.  As we are not hierarchical, the National Coordinator is not regarded as the ‘chief instructor’ of that country.  They have no seniority or authority over other members from their country – in fact they may not even be the most senior grade/rank from that country.  It is a purely administrative role.
  • Each member within the SSWU retains independence and autonomy to run their group.
  • When a new member joins the SSWU, their membership will be probationary for 12 months.
  • For all members, membership is annual, expiring at midnight on 31st December each year.   Membership will automatically renew unless a decision has been taken by the member or by the Directory Committee not to renew membership (such decision having been communicated in writing).

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