We accept members and groups from all countries.
Applying the principles of Shukokai, it will be possible to have more than one member from any country. Groups that are financially and organisationally independent from one another may each have separate full membership.
We are not actively searching for members but when we are contacted by interested groups our Directory Committee will consider their application for membership and, if they are found to embrace our understanding of the spirit of Shukokai, we will accept them. If somebody is interested in joining the SSWU please send a simple email to:
Where the SSWU has more than one member for a particular country then the DC will appoint a National Co-ordinator for that country.
The role of the National Co-ordinator will be to provide communication between the DC and other SSWU members in their country, to provide assistance and support to new members from their country and to assist the DC in the implementation of the spirit and aims of Shukokai in their country.
The National Co-ordinator will not be or be regarded as the ‘chief instructor’ of their country. They will have no specific authority or seniority over other members from their country. The National Co-ordinator need not be the most senior grade within the country they represent.
The Association wishes to establish and maintain long-lasting relationships with its members. Membership to the SSWU shall be taken as an honour and a privilege and, of course, it has to be beneficial to all. However full and associate membership is not a permanent membership. Such membership is granted for a period of one year (and for new members for the remainder of the calendar year) and is renewable annually at the discretion of the Directory Committee. All full and associate memberships will expire at midnight on 31st December each year. Membership will automatically renew without further application or formality unless a decision has been taken by the Directory Committee not to renew membership. If the Directory Committee decide not to renew membership, the relevant member will be notified in writing. The Directory Committee is not obliged to cite grounds for not granting a renewal. Shitoryu Shukokai Karatedo World Union Member of Kenseikan Shitoryu Karatedo Japan


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